Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Slumdog... effect

What must have inspired Rafael, an Israeli Arms firm, to come up with this:

This, uh... advertisement, was "released" at the recently held Aero-India 2009 in Bangalore. It seems the leading man here, representing the defence company, is trying to woo the Indian (or Russian?) dancers, who then probably represent the country's defence forces. So the Indian Military is like the helpless womenfolk who need(s) to "feel safe and sheltered". Let's see what Rafael gets out of all this.

So we have a Bollywood-esque video featuring bare-midriff girls, flower-draped missiles, and the catch phrase "dinga dinga dee"... Now which recent Oscar-winning (don't ask me how!) British film does this song remind me of?



Aditya Mani Jha said...


If you hadn't posted the name of the company....there's no way I'd have believed this is a real ad...

"Dinga dinga-dee" rocks!!!

Peeyush Agarwal said...

Seriously wtf???
seriously sriously wtf???

I mean how the #$%^&* can they even do this.
It is horrendous cinematically & musically and obviously what does the Rafael even manufacture?

Samar R P said...

just bedazzled and speechless.

Rajat Arora said...


I don't really have to say anything more, or do I? :P
This represents a desperation on Rafael's part to do business with India. They must've thought that the Indians love item girls!
What happened to the company after that? Did it get kicked out of the Aero India? They ought to be.

Anonymous said...

rafael is a defense contractor.
hopefully "we wont be together forever"....we need to hv indigenous thats upto the mark!!

Palkush Rai Chawla said...

if none of you noticed, the two paintings in the scene are, of hanuman and durga. Well.. ahem ahem

Achyut Bihani said...

Oh God!

Couldn't even watch the whole thing.

Total WTF.

Gaurav said...

Nothing to say ......