Saturday, March 28, 2009

New & Improved

The God of Small Things, or Shrey-Knows, has seen a makeover of sorts in the past couple of days. Well, not a makeover exactly, but you get the drift, right?

Shrey-Knows now burns its feeds through feedburner, making it much easier to subscribe using popular feed readers. If you're an avid reader of blogs but don't know what's a reader, well... that's kind-of contradictory. You can start with Google Reader, which is simpler to use than you think. You could also subscribe using your iGoogle Homepage. Both these options, along with several others, are available through feedburner.

If you'd rather just be informed when Shrey-Knows updates, you can enter you email address in the Subscribe via Email column on the right to receive an email as soon as I update my Blog, which happens, on an average, 5 times a month, roughly once a week.

I've also added two Google Search Boxes to the Blog - a Web Search box in the left column which is useful when you need to Google while surfing the blog, while a search box exclusively for searching Shrey-Knows can be used from the right column.

A twitter widget has also been added, though its been some time since the microblogger-bug bit me.

Last, but hardly the least, my Google Adsense account was approved recently, which you can see all over the blog I guess. Ads are displayed at four locations on Shrey-Knows, besides feeds and search results (Through the above mentioned search boxes).

A couple of sharing options have been added as well. While you can find links to StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious etc. on the feeds, a tell-a-friend widget, right below the post, can help you share the post using IM, Email, Bookmarking, Blogging and Social Networking options.

So that's about it for now. I hope you do subscribe to the blog now, or atleast add yourself as a follower. Your suggestions/feedback are much welcome.

Oh, and yeah, tonight's Earth Hour (28 March 2009). So wherever you are, just switch off all lights around/near you for 60 minutes from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm (Your Local Time), and join millions around the world as your light switch becomes your vote, for Earth...

Planning to come out with a new post soon.



hamari chaupal said...

Hey Shrey,
loved your blog very impressive.
keep it up.

sudhir kekre said...

Hey shrey
probably never left a message for a MENSA guy. lol
so got my blog wrong
but the message still remains the same
nice blog and keep it up.

Devadutta D Ghat said...

Nice blog, but the white text on dark blue background is very hard on the eyes :)

You may want to change it..