Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another victim

Gaurav Tomar is fine now and taking rest at home after getting discharged from Apollo Hospital after 19 long days.
(Find comment by Gaurav confirming the same below.)

New Dean of Student Affairs and Chairman of B.C.Roy Technology Hospital appointed.

I am taking Mr. Gaurav Tomar out of B.C. Roy Technology Hospital on my own risk and the hospital would not be held responsible if anything unfortunate happens to him.’

We were asked to sign this piece of parchment by the BC Roy Officials before we took him to Meerut, his hometown.

I thank God that we signed and took him to Meerut and then to Apollo Hospital, Delhi where he is right now, in ICU, on dialysis struggling for his life.

Many of you may be familiar with the unfortunate incident of Rohit Kumar, but this incident was not one off. There are many more such incidents one of which I am sharing with you.

Gaurav Tomar is a 5th Year Student of Civil Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. He is to receive his B. Tech + M.Tech (Dual) Degree in two months time, and has already been placed in the Indian Registrar of Shipping with a lucrative salary. He has been the Governor of Hindi Technology Dramatics Society, IIT Kharagpur and has also been the Hindi Dramatics Captain of Lala Lajpat Rai Hall of Residence for 2 years.

Two days before Holi he was running fever and admitted himself into BC Roy Hospital, IIT Kharagpur. The attending doctor ran a series of tests on him which included a couple of blood tests, a urine test and was scheduled for an ultrasound. He was put on Glucose as he couldn’t eat anything. We used to visit him daily bringing him stuff to eat which he couldn’t eat. He constantly ran a temperature and complained of severe stomach ache. The doctor used to give him 4 injections everyday of indigestion. We used to ask the doctor what was wrong with him and we used to listen to a new disease every day. According to the well trained and experienced doctors of the hospital Gaurav had Typhoid, Jaundice, Urinary Tract Infection and what not. When asked if they had actually detected Typhoid in his blood tests before giving him its medicines, they replied that it was an educated guess according to his fever patterns. Even after staying in the Hospital for 6 days, taking their medicines, Gaurav’s situation deteriorated.

I remember that on Friday they decided to ultrasound his stomach due to the stomach pain he complained of, but they had to wait till Monday for the test since the Ultrasound Specialist came only on Monday. Even the nurses and compounders used to misbehave with him. Once when he had to go to the toilet he rang the bell for the nurse. When he came he replied angrily that “Tumko toilet tabhi jana hota hai jab hum lete hote hain?” Gaurav had no words. Another time the Nurse came with a new bottle of glucose and saw the old one was still half full. To prevent another visit later she increased the speed of the glucose without the consent of either the doctor or the patient. Isn’t this called playing with the patient’s life?

When Gaurav’s situation worsened to the point when he couldn’t even speak, we talked to the doctor about taking him to a better medical facility where at least he could be diagnosed properly. The Doctor was not willing to do so. He asked for 3 more days of time to diagnose him. Thankfully we didn’t listen to him and signed the above mentioned document. Gaurav was then flown to Meerut. On Sunday, that is the day of Rohit’s demise, we received a call from Gaurav’s mother. She was inconsolable and said that he has been in Apollo Hospital, Delhi ICU for 4 days and had been diagnosed with malignant malaria. Moreover the doctor there said that had he been late by a day, the parasite would have affected the brain and may have cost him his life. He is still in ICU, on dialysis, as the malarial parasite has already affected his kidneys. Right now as I write 5 of my friends are on their way to Delhi to see him.

-- As narrated by Friends and Well-wishers of Gaurav Tomar

Let us all pray for Mr. Gaurav Tomar’s speedy recovery and not let the voice that has risen against B.C.Roy Technology Hospital die down.


Ashish Behera said...

This is so unfortunate, hearing all this. Similarly one of our classmates in VGSOM had a simple viral fever and the people in BC Roy converted it to typhoid and then jaundice, thereby prolonging the illness which would somehow take not more than 3-4 days. Later when viral was only diagnosed, he was there in hospital for almost 10 days. Its a shame how they play with our lives.

Arindam said...

I'm aghast!!have the BC Roy staff gone bonkers??or is it that students are too optimistic enough to rely on the "hospital"??I pray to God that Tomar recovers soon...

sudha said...

It is very unfortunate that doctor of B C Roy hospital are not working in a professional manner and thereby responsible for taking the life of the students/ petients and there life are danger in there hands. We must approach the National consumer redressal Commission and if we approach to the commission then a board of the specialist will be constitued as per the guidelines issued by the Hon'ble Supreme Court and the doctors will be found guilty then the action can be taken against them or atleast the doctor will be cautous in future. Bhagwat Agarwal

Anonymous said...

*he IS supposed to recieve his degree;(not was)

Ashish Goel said...

oh my god... :(( ... please be well soon Gaurav...

mk said...

B.C. Roy Hospital z really
my son wz also a good victim
thanx 4 writing such anice BLOG
GOD bless u

mk said...

B.C.Roy Hospital z really
a KHOONI hospital
my son wz also one of the victim
of ur hospital
nice blog
it z hour of time to poke them
thanx 4 writing on this topic
GOD bless u

meeta krishna

Anuj said...

It is realy heartening to know that BC Roy Hospital is still like this. I left this campus in year 2004, it was almost like this at that time as well. I remember some similar incident (Although a bit lower gravity) that happened with me in year 2003. I got my right hand's thumb factured while playing cricket, went to BC Roy Hospital, after 4 hours of X-Ray, the nurse showed me the film and told "See there is a fracture in your thumb, its clearly visible. But unfortunately there is nobody to put on plaster at this moment of time. You better take pain killer and come tomorrow morning. In case doctor comes, he'll put on this plaster". I was given no first aid, nothing and whole night I had to sit in pain. Next morning, Doctor was not available again. After which I went to some local doctor and got the plaster done. Later recognizing that the plaster that he put on was not correct, again had to get it treated after a week.

Its realy a very serious matter that even after 5 years nothing has changed in such a premier institute. Govt./Authorities should take a serious step or else so many such incidents will go on unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon tomar!!!
btw renal failure is kidney failure!!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that such a reputed institute which boasts of dabbling in high tech activities is so poorly placed in terms of basic amenities like medical back up. The people responsible for such irresponsible attitude must be taken to task and thrown out. They cannot play with the lives of children. These kids are our future and parents send them with the assurance that they will be given basic human rights there!

Anonymous said...

post some updates dude....looking forward to some good news

Garv said...

thanx junta for all the support ... I'm fine now and is taking rest at home after getting discharged from appolo hospital after 19 long days .. thanx again for all the support
-Gaurav Tomar

BADAL said...

yo tomar!! welcome back... :D