Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That's right, the Points are just like...

I've seen season after season of the old TV show 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', basically an improv show with lots of audience participation. The host Drew Carey gives out points to the performers, although the points are arbitrarily given and don't actually count, which he stresses by comparing them with something that does not matter.
The show typically starts with him saying "Welcome to 'Whose Line is it Anyway?', the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are just like...:
...the talent portion of a beauty contest. Who cares?"
...a surveillance camera at the 99 cent store."
...a suggestion box at the Tianmen Square."
...condom to a trekkie!"
...friday afternoon at work." from an online university."
...plot in Mission Impossible 2; they don't mean a thing!"
...that 20 dollar bill that Tiger Woods finds in his jacket."
...90% of your mail."
... vows at a celebrity wedding."


Monday, September 27, 2010

Earth appoints Contact for Aliens !?!

Heard of Mazlan Binthi Othman? A Malaysian astrophysicist and Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. (Yes, there is one.)

But the best is yet to come. If aliens ever do land on Earth, make no mistake, and step aside to let this 58-year old Malaysian greet them. Mazlan Othman has been tasked with coordinating humanity's response to an extraterrestrial visit, if ever required.

Apparently, with the recent discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting around other stars, the detection of alien life is becoming more and more likely.

"The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day human kind will received signals from extraterrestrials.", said the soon-to-be appointed Space Ambassador for Earth. And don't worry, she's perfect for the job, armed with a Ph.D in Physics and an expertise in "Space Law" (Laws governing human activities in outer space: e.g. ownership of land on other planets or moons etc.).

Am I the only one who finds this weird?

Anyhow, at least now you know where to point your finger at when faced with a "Take me to your leader."

Sources: Telegraph UK, Mazlan Othman on Wikipedia, UNOOSA

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stuff-I-Like: #3 Cats

How can you not like cats? Indeed, any resistance is futile in the face of a little fluffy creature that roll up on your knees and purrs from joy. Cats are loving, playful and charming companions.
But its about more than being cute. They are sophisticated, sleek, attractive, graceful... no wonder the Egyptians were floored!

They are independent, keep themselves clean, and won't tolerate being put on a leash. Cats exude an air of superiority that makes those who share their lives with them feel privileged.They have a mind of their own that you want to respect rather than to subdue.

If you like cats and have one near you, you'd love to spend time watching it, as they live in their own world that is closely bound up with ours, but doesn't go round our world. You can feel a unique sense of unanimity and trust which it suggests by rubbing its head against your leg.

The air of mystery about them, the way they walk, silently but not slowly, their agile bodies that will climb anywhere, go through anything, and whatever happens, will always land on their feet. Quiet as they usually are, a meow is the most calm animal sound known to mankind, next only to the purr. Ah, the purr... Nothing could be more relaxing to me than the gentle rumbling of a contented kitty.

And indeed, many cats manage to reach places the most ambitious of men can't dream of ;)

You can be a cat's owner but not its master.

Fun fact: The weirdest cat on record was a female called Mincho who went up a tree in Argentina and didn't come down again until she died six years later. While treed, she managed to have three litters with equally ambitious dads.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

That's what YOU said!

6 months after the Gymkhana Elections, nostalgia drove me to once again go through the stuff I had written back then. However, the comments (some 50 odd ones), actually made a more interesting read.... Here are some of my favourite ones:

Shirish Subramanian said...
Nivesh Pandey is probably not your average run-of-the-mill Core Team Guy.... Look at the larger picture, not what a Bihari / Mallu friend is telling you to do.... Nivesh for VP... A better Insti!!

Abhishek Kumar said...
Lets hope Shrey that you approve my comment if you have the guts... ...I hope Ankit gets the support he needs.

bibhash jha said...

XYZ said...
A very diplomatic trick.. played well Shrey.... It feels like you are playing dirty here. For a friend. right? [Editorial note: What!?! o_0]

divya bohra said...
Very sad to read your opinion about the exciting new scene in KGP. I am not very sure how much a part have you ever been in anything dedicated to the service of your hall but... i am sure you are a fan. ... Its funny but the racist in you is a fierce one.[Kuchh bhi!?!] As a suggestion, or rather a request, please try to make your own opinions and views removing some of that cynicism... You can joke around about as many people as you want but believe me at the end of it, if it really mattered all that much, a lot of people who inspire me and you alike today would have given up on themselves before we even knew of their existence.

Sumeet said... [:D]
@Divya: I'm just bored,and since yours is the last post on this blog, ill rather enjoy tearing it apart...

I am not very sure how much a part have you ever been in anything dedicated to the service of your hall but... i am sure you are a fan. 
Naa he isnt. But the fact that you give a damn as to who rules Bihar doesnt mean that you dont have a right to opine.

Your views seem highly influenced, and facts, twisted.
Its funny how people just give random opinions without justifying them. For example, you've got to say why someone is highly influenced and which of the facts that he has mentioned are twisted. Substantiate. Enunciate. Damn, Im good at this

Its funny but the racist in you is a fierce one.
Dude, Shrey, if you call Laloo Yadav a mockery of Indian politics, you're being racist. Keep that in mind the next time you write a blog.

As a suggestion, or rather a request, please try to make your own opinions and views removing some of that cynicism...
Yeah, right, you remove cynicism and bias from a political blog and what's left ? I think thats the way a blog's defined in my dictionary: I get to be as cynical as you have been in posting this comment (and i admire that) and get away with it..

You can joke around about as many people as you want but believe me... a lot of people who inspire me and you alike today would have given up on themselves before we even knew of their existence.
Seriously what part of the VP SOP did you find inspirational. You should read the "chicken soup series". Thats inspirational.

Mandar said...
well as a close friend i would say: bravo shrey, true democracy is when you have the freedom to take a shot at someone, the right to express unpopular opinions, and at several times, "anti-feel-good" sentiments, the replies to your blog made an interesting reading... so they say your influenced, SO WHAT?? We all are, i mean if u werent, you would be a vegetable, and you obviously have the guts to put up all the comments, i mean some of the comments are taking a bigger pot-shot at you, than at any of the candidates!!... ...So keep blogging

Abhishek Kumar said...
Why did the Guts came only after much of the voting was already over ? Everyone is entitled to an opinion... But I wish you had not done the negative publicity...
@Sumeet......So considerate of you to tear down a comment just for fun, just because you were getting bored. But it would have been nice if you would have taken care to read all the earlier comments...

Shrey said...
@Abhishek Kumar first get your facts right, then you can distort them as much as you want. Even if you're a fifth year student and all that yada yada...

Sumeet said...
@Abhishek Kumar alias Kakori alias Random fifth year who needs a break in life after 5 horrid years in some dark, dingy corner of one of our hallowed halls of residence:

Dude, you're not fighting apartheid here that if Nelson Mandela doesnt get elected, some black kid doesn't get to eat... Didnt 5 years here teach you how to "Peace maar" and "Load na le". Damn it, i thought all 5th years were hyper-cool people, basking in the glory of booze and "G" and "sutta", oblivious to the fact that life goes on around them.

All I'm asking you is simply, "Why so serious"?

You can go through these and some other such gems at

The best, of course, was to be seen on Facebook:

19 March at 13:42
XYZ:  Shrey U r playing a very dirty game. Very unexpected from sumone who is supposedly the official blogger of KGP [Some new Gymkhana Post?]... Ankit Singh came off as a better candidate undoubtedly, even without his underdog status. And even you can see that. Stop using his sufferings to your pact's advantage.

19 March at 15:35
Neelakash Das ‎@XYZ..If you have read the article carefully, no one's name is being singled out. It is up to you to decipher.FB is an open forum to discuss and share one's opinions. I don't see any game being played here. Plus I really doubt the validity of your statement as the person in question came off as a better candidate...

19 March at 15:41
Sailesh Krishnan Narayanadas ‎@ XYZ.....his blog....his fb profile.!!!! ....he has the right to his opinions......he has the right to think one candidate is better than the other!!!![although he has not associated any of his points with anyone by name[and the [un]official blogger of kgp tag doesnt take any of those away from him!!!

19 March at 17:36
Shrey Goyal ‎@Everyone. My Pact's advantage? His sufferings? For a friend? I have favoured no single candidate in particular, my ballot remains secret. And just because I have a blog and do not create Haiti-Earthquake-Relief-Fund style video montages for votes doesn't mean I don't get my say. I did not write the article for Scholars' Avenue or Alankaar. It's a personal blog...

19 March at 18:43
Manan Shah hoo haa fb polltu!! :O
...BTW I agree this should be treated as a personal blog and to get involved in hall polltu is not something I expect from Shrey.

19 March at 19:55
Rishabh Poddar You are such a troublemaker, Shrey. It's hilarious!

19 March at 20:04
XYZ i meant "unofficial". Chal tu agar naive act karega toh peace maar I cant talk about it any further. But yeah ask people how they liked your little e-campaigning. Not the people who are forced to support you.[Pardon?] And as far as "your" personal opinions go, well you have every right to express them and everyone has every right to judge you based on the way you do it. Its just that having known you its surprising to see this blog from you

19 March at 22:15
Shrey Goyal ‎@XYZ
Ahem! My "campaign"? Whom did I campaign for?Its just that having known you having known me, its surprising to see you surprised see this blog from me.

29 March at 04:16
Ankit Singh Dude please know the ground... you will really feel bad abt yourself.

29 March at 04:16
Shrey Goyal ...somehow every reader of this article ends up telling me I should be feeling bad about myself...

29 March at 04:35
Ankit Singh Ur blog is not an international Forum.

29 March at 04:36
Shrey Goyal You want East Europeans to comment on Kgp's TSG elections?

While you're on facebook, do take out a minute to click on the 'Follow' button here.

Also, I'd ask you not to refrain from commenting here as well... :D