Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Stuff-I-Like: #1 Coffee

Coffee, unlike life itself, should be taken very seriously. A good cup of coffee is like sex, magic and love. It’s a feeling one can’t really define.

In my opinion, the only reason coffee hasn't seen as widespread regulation or taboo as alcohol or tobacco is because caffeine is far more addictive and loved than nicotine/ alcohol. I love coffee, but would defer from making this a forum for discussing its positive/ negative health effects. Because, frankly now, which true coffee lover really gives a damn! I am an insomniac all by myself anyway; I don't NEED caffeine for that. And drinking coffee because it reduces the risk of colon cancer, is like getting down to it solely to boost immunity.

What person of substance wouldn't love Coffee... the smell, the taste, the look, and also, the culture - the cafe culture. The filter coffee, the latte, the au lait, the Irish brew, the one from the anals of South-East Asia (no spelling mistakes there), the frappe, the liqueur, the frappuccino... and above all muggle brews, the BLACK ! Oh how I missed it, my only regret of living in this backwater town full of chaiwallahs, who not only kill the taste of coffee, but follow it up dark alleys, beat it up and rifle through its pockets (Thankfully, we have a Cafe Coffee Day outlet now, which works OK to my needs). So many would just call it a beverage, putting in obscene quantities of milk and sugar to take away the "bitterness". But then there are those who believe it should be respected and revered for its own sake...

Everybody should believe in something. I believe I'll have another coffee.