Wednesday, January 07, 2009


As blogger publishes this post at the time and date specified, which would be 0001 hrs on the 7th of January 2009, my batchmates here at IIT Kharagpur are probably fulfilling the ancient rituals associated with the anniversary of one’s birth. Yes, 7th of January is indeed a special day, it’s Eastern Orthodox Christmas... and it’s my Birthday.

So here I am, two decades old, all of a sudden. Well, not quite all of a sudden you’d say... But so it seems.

Everybody loves their birthday, and that should be especially true for a self-centred narcissist like me. But it turns out my previous few Birthdays have not been that special for me, as much as this one is. It’s not just the fact that the most-significant-digit of my age changes today. It also so happens that I “take stock” of my life on my birthday. [I know it’s getting boring... just bear with me... it’s my Birthday]

So to wrap it up, I think I’ve grown up and matured much more in this past one year, than any one-year period. To quote something I mentioned to a friend this morning, I was surprised last year on my birthday to observe I’ll be 20 next year. Now I no longer am... Of course, not really THAT mature. In fact, as I was writing this and went outside leaving my laptop on, some of my other “mature” friends showed up and played a prank on my G-Talk status message. Some of those on my G-Talk must’ve noticed. I would’ve mentioned the exact message, but my blog might just get flagged adult. I guess I always will remain a kid at heart. [Which, I guess, is the most oldy thing to say] :D

OK, enough of my Birthday mumbo-jumbo. A Birthday is one day of the year one gets to have all for themselves. One day that the world deceives them to think that they are the most special people there are. And today’s mine.

Go ahead, make my day.

And of course, a merry Eastern Orthodox Christmas to you!


Aditya Mani Jha said...

Happy Birthday, man! GPL ke baad zinda bache to milte hain...

Having hit the Big Two-Oh myself lately.... I can tell you it's a time of some serious stock-taking...

Ashish said...

"Eastern Orthodox Christmas"
I never knew that this day exists
BTW Happy birthday and
merry Eastern Orthodox Christmas

Adrien said...

A peck on the cheek
A nibble on the ear
Running my fingers
Through your hair

Can all the technology there is, as of now, enable me to do any of this from where I am? I can't as much as touch you, and do nothing but just key in HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
But I know you'll understand,
I know you'll still care,
and that's what makes you different
from the rest of the world that's there.

Sorry for the sad start, just getting a bit "senti" (That's what you call it there, don't you?). Whether you turn 20 or 200, I know you'll still remain the same sweetest of all Shrey I've known all these years. I can see you blush, the way only you do. I am lucky to have a place in the small world that you have of your own, and it's the most beautiful place that can be, a creation of the most beautiful mind there is. You are one of the few people I know who deserve their narcissism... stay cool, stay hot!!

Enjoy your Birthday thoroughly, and enjoy the chocolates. And do forgive the boys, it was just a prank...


Varun Singh said...

You are the most special person for the world on your birthday but for some people your presence in their lives is what makes each day the most special for them. The reason you are happy on your birthday is that you can see those people ecstatic for you.

Forgetting the calculations I make
The biggest risk I can ever take
How do you always speak my mind
Together someday, Peace we'll find

A very Happy Birthday to you and wish you succeed in your remarkable quest of the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and everything


Kaber said...

Happy Birthday man.

Best wishes, forever :).

P.S. how is the quizing blog coming along?

swaty gupta said...

Happy Birthday Shrey