Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pup-Talk: A Conversation with a Dog

Image Source: Tikki Tikkiri Tik
A Dog's Life

So there I was, on the streets, roaming around. Chased, sometimes. No reasons, I could think of, for them to bully me. But I got chased, still. Finally found a quiet place for myself.

I wasn't of the shiny ones, the strong ones. Never got picked. They'd walk around me, and go "Tut-Tut". And go on. Which was fine, now that I think of it.

And then came along a lady. A girl really. But she didn't say "Tut..Tut". Not audibly, at least. And she played with me for a while. And she said she'd take me home.

She was beautiful. Oh yes! And smelled real nice. And looked at me with those eyes. Ahh… those eyes!

Take me home for a while she did. And it came upon me, that this is where I shall live. This is how I can spend my life. She just wanted to make me happy. Teased me. But also made up for it. And I was happy.

And then a day came, and the door went shut. All of a sudden, no excuse, no warning. And I found myself wandering again.

And then there was someone else. Who played a while. And went along. And another. And then another. And I said, to me, perhaps this is how it is to be.

And I saw the lady again. And she tried to pick me up once more. And I wouldn't budge. Not this time. But of course, I melted, after a while. And she petted me. I had never been pet before. I knew it wouldn't last long. But enjoyed it while it did, while I could. And back she went, and all I had were memories, to revisit time and again.

And a new one came. And saw my pain. And couldn't see it no more. And picked me up, and gave me room. And cared and loved and strode along. And then shut me down again, just like that lady had (that girl, I mean), but told me the door was open. It was, but no one was in. And once back, I was told I asked for too much. Perhaps I did.

And they all moved along, and I was left far behind. And the streets were always there, as they had been, so kind. And I walked along, and met strangers. And a few saw the pain in me, and said they'd let me in. Not this time, I said, I shall not to be moved. My pain is no amusement park. And walked along, and now I've met you.

So this was me. How about you, pup?

Very similar, I must say. But yet there's a kinder end to me, so I'll admit. They'd enjoy my antics too, and my faith would take a leap. But at least they'd take me to the vet, and put me to sweet sleep.

You lucky dog…

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