Sunday, January 03, 2010


Hello there...

As Wolfram|Alpha tells me, it's been 5 months and 14 days since my last entry, just managing to keep my resolve of keeping consecutive entries less than 6 months apart from each other. I'd say it's the 11th month syndrome; the first major gap (6 months) in my personal Diary occurred around 11 months after I began with it, similar to what happened here.

I suppose Barger's "Inverse Law of Usenet Bandwidth" holds to some extent: "The more interesting your life becomes, the less you post... and vice versa". The past 6 months, coinciding with my academic semester at the Institute, have been, undoubtedly, the busiest and most significant six months of my life, till date (on an absolute scale of course). This only means that my next six may perhaps be even more momentous, but that doesn't give me any reason to be a lazy hog when it comes to blogging - the "vice-versa" of the law need not hold. I shall hopefully be spending a few entries after my next one discussing events left behind, and completing my drafted blog entries.

I have a lot to do, to restart the engines around here. Dysfunctional apps and outdated add-ons need to be weeded out, blogger's new features to be added, the blogroll has to be updated... It surprises me that I still have over 3/4ths of my earlier subscribers left, and that I have been receiving a steady stream of comments on my older entries. Hopefully the rest of my twenty-ten entries shall give you more Food for Thought than this one... but then, something's better than nothing.

And before I forget, thanks to Jenelia Watson for providing me with my new banner. You can check out her other designs from "Designs by..." in the right column.


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Mainak said...

It doesn't work that way at least for me. And I think many of your other readers as well.

If I start getting a lot of posts from some of my subscriptions, I unsubscribe because I am unable to keep pace. However, if the pace is just right - one can enjoy reading the posts. That is why I guess you have most of your subscribers left. :)

Happy blogging!!