Thursday, April 30, 2009

Behind everyone successful... The Girl Effect

After 19 hours of one hell of a train journey with Aditi, Divya, Anubha, Swaty, Nikky and Ram, otherwise referred to as the 'Freaks n Geeks' of IIT-Kgp, I am back in Delhi for the Summer of '09. Let's see what I end up doing this time.

Oh, and about the effect:

This video by the Nike Foundation and NoVo is about the cycle of poverty in rural regions, and the impact one person can create by breaking it. Behind every successful economy, is a prosperous Girl. Just felt like sharing it.

As for my plans for the summer, I'm looking forward to learn a lot, blog a lot, live a lot... While I do have some stuff on my plate, I'm somewhat jobless for the couple of months to come. And an internship's not just about the only thing I am looking for(the title could be a clue).

Either ways, the only thing for me to do is to keep looking. In case anyone reading this has an opportunity to suggest, pleaaazze do, and I say this with reference to either of my requests.

Happy Holidays everyone!



Anonymous said...

nice post shrey!!
sad that we live in world where female infanticide and dowry is still there...
i suggest you look at this too..
it puts more numbers into the facts stated above.
suggest you link this one too
but aren't we all becoming arm -chair social reformers and environmentalists??
dont know about you, but i see that a lot today!!
we have to be careful about that.

ashutosh@iitkgp said...

nice video..but i think its hard to implement this idea in reality the problems are more complex and they need a proper and dense solutions....

best of luck for summer..i wish you fulfill all your ideas for this summer...

Aditya Mani Jha said...

F!@# the video!!!!

Methinks a nice long post about the journey is required here :P